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1 give information or notice to; "I advised him that the rent was due" [syn: advise, notify, give notice, send word, apprize]
2 make aware of; "Have the students been apprised of the tuition hike?" [syn: instruct, apprize]
3 gain in value; "The yen appreciated again!" [syn: appreciate, apprize, revalue] [ant: depreciate]
4 increase the value of; "The Germans want to appreciate the Deutsche Mark" [syn: appreciate, apprize] [ant: depreciate]

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  • /'ə.praɪz/
  • /"@.praIz/
    Rhymes: -aɪz


  1. To notify, or to make aware; to inform.





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acquaint, advertise, advertise of, advise, announce, brief, bring word, clue, communicate, declare, disclose, discover, divulge, enlighten, familiarize, fill in, give notice, give the facts, give word, inform, instruct, leave word, let know, mention to, notify, post, proclaim, publish, report, reveal, send word, serve notice, speak, tell, verse, warn
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